It was just another linefollower that wasn’t totally lost in the history of my robotics journey. Built as my first racing robot, but too heavy to compete against the local elite.

The main point of building it was to use 16 transoptors (aka line sensors), which was insane back then. To handle all of the signals I have decided to use Atmega1280 with 16 channels of ADC built-in. Why not just go with comparators and simple GPIO? My secret weapon was calibration, which was quite original idea back in the days. Boards dedicated for racing was very different on each event – different reflectiveness of materials, different contrasts, traction and techniques of putting black lines on white sheets. Calibration helped me with pre-race preparations and it was very helpful.
Unfortunatelly, I have bricked my Atmega while waiting for 3rd round (that damn fuse bits!), so it was over pretty fast – doesn’t matter, my proof of concept worked and made me very proud anyway.

Basic information:

  • 2x LiPo 7.2 V, 900 mAh
  • 16x TCRT5000 transoptors
  • Atmega1280
  • L298 H-bridge with safety Schottky’s diodes
  • 2x Maxon 6 V motors (up to 1 m/s with shown wheels, I don’t know RPMs)
  • PCB&alluminium construction (too heavy!)
  • 2x LiPo 7.2 V, 900 mAh
  • 2x LiPo 7.2 V, 900 mAh
  • 2x LiPo 7.2 V, 900 mAh
  • 2x LiPo 7.2 V, 900 mAh

You can read more about “Jerycho” here.

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