“Slonio” – first linefollower

My first attempt of building line-following robot. After getting a little bit more experienced, I decided to use more interesting sensors. CNY70 was my first choice, as I have seen them in many “racing” robots of that era.

PMMA is my favourite material – I could use old PCB, thin sheet of balsa or even a sheet of cardboard, but I just can’t resist PMMA’s beautiful look. It was also easy to cut & mill it too.

There are two gramophone motors, which doesn’t give much speed, but are pretty solid and have great amount of torque. I took one stage of gearbox off, so it seems much quicker than previously was.
Again, Attiny2313 got its moment. It doesn’t have ADC built in, but LM324 with small pot did the trick. Although I know how to write software in C quite well, I have decided to use BASCOM-AVR, which licence I won a few weeks earlier on polish electronics-geeks forum.

You can read more about “Slonio” here.

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