Portfolio type: Professional Robotics

29 Jul 2018

L2R Robotic Arm

Main goal of the project is to design and build a robotic arm, with very integrated mechatronics, configurable kinematics and, prefferably, unlimited number of rotations in each joint. My tasks, as part of L2R, included: high- and low-level system architecture design, design and development of miniature motor controller with additional “smart” functionalities, development of industrial […]

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Portfolio type: Professional Robotics

29 Jan 2018

The project consisted of building a universal, resistant to difficult working conditions (rain, snow, mud, high dust, etc.) mobile platform with a lifting capacity of 100-150 kg. My tasks, as part of SKIDDY, included: design and implementation of the SkidController controller, reducing the costs and increasing the hardware integration factor for controlling 4 high-power motors, […]

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Portfolio type: Professional Robotics

The project involved building a robot that would autonomously supervise and support elderly people and those with mild cognitive impairment (eg the onset of Alzheimer’s disease). The robot’s tasks include: detecting the patient’s fall and immediately informing the doctor, supervising the hob while cooking lunch and switching off the burner, if the user forgets about […]

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Portfolio type: Professional Robotics

The project’s main goal was to build a robot with control station, that allows remote (online) USG and palpation examination, using haptic interface. ReMeDi robot is a kind of “extension” of doctor’s body, which enables him to move around the patient and to feel all the forces acting on robot’s arm. My tasks, as part […]

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