29 Jul 2017

RAMCIP – Robot Assistant for MCI Patients [2014-2017]

The project involved building a robot that would autonomously supervise and support elderly people and those with mild cognitive impairment (eg the onset of Alzheimer’s disease).
The robot’s tasks include: detecting the patient’s fall and immediately informing the doctor, supervising the hob while cooking lunch and switching off the burner, if the user forgets about it, administering medicine, helping in reaching objects from hard to reach places (eg high shelves), initiating teleconferences with the patient’s family, periodically carrying out psychological tests – to track the development of the disease.

My tasks, as part of RAMCIP, included:

  • co-writing of a project application for Horizon2020 (grant 643433),
  • software development for embedded (STM32) and PC (Linux+RT_PREEMPT) systems  in C/C++,
  • further development of JointsController, which I have designed for ReMeDi project,
  • planning, supervising and work reporting of electronics designers and programmers team,
  • representing the company in front of the consortium in all the topics related to the system architecture and user safety issues,
  • co-creation of the robotic arm control system,
  • design and co-creation of the mobile platform control system, prototyping and testing.

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