29 Jul 2016

ReMeDi – Remote Medical Diagnostician [2014-2016]

The project’s main goal was to build a robot with control station, that allows remote (online) USG and palpation examination, using haptic interface. ReMeDi robot is a kind of “extension” of doctor’s body, which enables him to move around the patient and to feel all the forces acting on robot’s arm.

My tasks, as part of ReMeDi, included:

  • design, implementation and programming of the JointsController (STM32), which replaced the previously used ControlBox (PC); the robot would be too big, too expensive and would have a very limited battery life without it,
  • planning, supervising and work reporting of electronics designers and programmers team,
  • representing the company in front of the consortium in all the topics related to the system architecture and user safety issues,
  • co-creation of the robotic arm control system,
  • design and co-creation of the mobile platform control system, prototyping and testing.

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